Gettysbrug ‘88 Optional Rules

Updated August 24, 2019. Home

The following optional rules are available if both players agree. The adjustments are offered to help play balance between the two sides.

Buford Cavalry combat strength adjustment: This option raises the combat strength for Gamble and Devin to “2” strength units instead of “1” strength. Devin remains a one-step unit. Gamble’s flip strength becomes one. These units now are worth two victory points each instead of one.

Meade/Hancock +1: This adjustment adds a +1 to the Union die roll on defense or offense for any stack that includes Meade. On Day One, Hancock also adds a +1 to any Union stack that includes Hancock. On T8 both Meade and Hancock receive a +1; this extends into the CSA T9 turn. Only Meade provides a plus 1 on T9 USA and subsequent. For example if the Union die roll is a 10, it becomes an 11, a die roll of 6 becomes 7 etc.